Chilliwack Social Research and Planning Council


The Chilliwack Social Research and Planning Council is a non-profit society that conducts, communicates and disseminates high quality research on priority social issues to assist community partners in their development of programs and policies to improve the lives of Chilliwack residents. Research undertaken by the Chilliwack Social Research and Planning Council, in collaboration with community partners, is evidence based, designed and carried out to the highest standards to ensure valid, reliable data, which is essential for the design of effective and impactful social programs.


The Chilliwack Social Research and Planning Council (CSRPC) is focused on supporting and facilitating social research, planning, and development in Chilliwack, for the purpose of developing a strong social service network, contributing to community social and economic development, and supporting strategic action to address critical social issues prioritized by the community, including those identified by the Chilliwack Child and Youth Committee (CYC) and Chilliwack Healthier Community (CHC). The CSRPC maintains a research partnership link with the University of the Fraser Valley and works actively to both share and implement research outcomes with community stakeholders. The CSRPC promotes the value of good research and implementation of research outcomes; it acts both as a clearing house of local research and invites the sharing of local research.

In facilitating research activities to support social planning, the CSRPC may consider providing research support and partial funding of local social research proposals.


The Chilliwack Social Research & Planning Council works collaboratively across multiple sectors. The current Board of Directors includes representatives from the following organizations:

Chilliwack Community Services
Chilliwack School District (SD33)
City of Chilliwack
Fraser Health
Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD)
University of the Fraser Valley

The Board of Directors can also include volunteer representatives from the community.