Chilliwack Social Research and Planning Council

The Chilliwack Social Research & Planning Council does provide modest amounts of funding to support local research. Please consider the following eligibility requirements:

  • The CSRPC role in the project is identified with respect to research design, oversight, and reporting.
  • Research must demonstrate that it meets standard ethics requirements
  • Proposal addresses a problem in Chilliwack and aligns with strategic goals identified by the community (CYC/CHC/multi-sectoral partnerships)
  • Research outcomes are adequately measured and a report on outcomes and recommendations is developed that will advance community development in Chilliwack (e.g. lead to changes in policy, programs, approaches, etc.)
  • The proposal explains how the research will be used and acted on
  • The level of impact is identified i.e. in terms of how many people it will affect
  • Proponent of research has secured partial or full funding
  • Results can be shared and catalogued on the CSRPC website